Commercial Customers

Orange County Utilities has a wide variety of commercial customers with many different water needs. Here are some ways to save water that fit your unique situation.


Water conservation is crucial to ensuring sustainable water access for our customers. Here are some ways businesses can save water and money:

  • Create and implement a water budget.

  • Switch to drought-resistant plants that are Florida-Friendly.

  • Don't overwater.

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What is a water budget?

A water budget is a tool to help businesses plan for and track water usage. Having a water budget may help reduce your water consumption, saving time and money.

Irrigation Best Management Practices

Each commercial property is unique. Use this linked guide to implement smart and sustainable irrigation practices at your property.

How do I calculate my water budget?

Use the EPA Water Budget Tool to project the water usage for your facility. This tool can help predict monthly usage and avoid unnecessary consumption.

What type of landscaping can help reduce water usage?

The Florida-Friendly LandscapingTM program can help you decide which plants are right for your property based on your desired look.

What if I need help with my irrigation?

Contact us or submit a request on our customer portal to schedule a water consultation at no charge to you.


Commercial water use is often something that is overlooked. Using a water budget can help a business be aware of and reduce consumption.

Use 1.5 gallons per minute aerators to reduce indoor water use up to 40%.

If you have flushometer toilets/urinals, inspect them annually to maintain proper calibration and reduce double flushing.

Plants go dormant in the winter months. Reducing your irrigation schedule to every other week December through February can have a dramatic impact on water usage.

Cooling towers that are not maintained properly will consume much more water. Have them cleaned and descaled according to manufacturer guidelines.

Learn about what we are doing to help our customers become more water conscious and things you can do to reduce your water use.

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