high-Efficiency Showerheads

Replacing existing showerheads with low-flow showerheads saves 2,900 gallons per year for an average family. 


Installing high-efficiency showerheads can help to reduce your indoor consumption without reducing performance. They are provided to Water Wise Neighbor Program participants at no cost.

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How do I know if my showerhead is a low-flow unit?

Look to see if the flow rate is marked on the unit. Anything under 2.0 gallons per minute is low-flow. Alternatively, we can provide you with a kit that allows you to measure the flow rate of your shower.

Do low-flow showerheads put out enough water to shower?

Absolutely. Most customers don’t notice any lack of performance with the showerheads that we provide. These units have been specifically engineered to give the maximum efficiency while still providing excellent service.

Do they really save water?

Yes. The average family will save 2,900 gallons per year. It’s like getting a free month of indoor water consumption just for making the switch.


Use a timer when running a shower to warm the water (typically it's warm in under two minutes).

Turn the water off while you shampoo and condition your hair.

Keep showers under five minutes.

Learn about what we are doing to help our customers become more water conscious and things you can do to reduce your water use.

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